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We're officially less than a week away from launching! There's been a lot of support coming in within the past few days and it couldn't have been done without these individuals, our wonderful model Heavenly (@heavenlygabriel) and the amazing photographer Moiselle (@moisellerobello). Be sure to go check them out and show them some love! They both been so helpful and awesome to work with and it definitely won't be the last time working with them. Both of their work is presented in the image shown.


I'd also like to take a moment to thank another two individuals. Our very first ambassador, Kylie, she's been there helping with hard decisions and always kept a positive attitude towards the work being produced. The other individual, there's not an amount of words that I can express how appreciative I am for you, Dominic R. Escamilla. He's been opening up his own barber shop/boutique in Pearlridge and keeping his other customers happy, while taking myself under his wing to guide me on launching my very own brand. Definitely go show him some love @dreempire and if you're on/visiting Oahu, go check out his shop in Pearlridge (Uptown).


The four of these individuals has helped my dream/passion grow and I'm very appreciative for them so go show them some love! I'd also like to thanks my family, friends, and especially my girlfriend for supporting me through my crazy decisions. It's time!


I appreciate all of you!

- Jayden "Makana" Oura 

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